BMW Vv. Mercedes-Benz Marketing War

The auto industry is known for its competition; having one of the toughest among business’. Deep-rooted rivalries are sure to surface when auto makers compete against one another. A great example would be two high end, well known German made vehicles; Mercedes-Benz and BMW. What makes these two competitors all the more impressive; is their respectful approach to their competitive Marketing. They have acknowledged that neither of them would be where they are without the other. No two auto makers have continued to embrace this competitive dynamic more than Mercedes Benz and BMW.

The history of the two rivals became apparent on several different platforms; some of the best examples are through their marketing campaigns. In 2016 Mercedes congratulated BMW on its 100th anniversary, showcasing a short clip. The clip included congratulations, thanking them for their competition over the years. The statement that followed read “The previous 30 years were actually a bit boring”.

The Mercedes AMG division is turning 50 years old. The favor was returned with a billboard at the Nürburgring Congratulating AMG on its golden anniversary. The Billboard containing the message “You ordered cake, we made donuts”

Most recently both companies engaged in an ad war. The first add featured a view trapped behind the grill of a BMW as if to imply a jail cell. The tagline read “GET FREE… Join the real world. The view outside the grill showcased 3 strategically placed Mercedes-Benz. BMW fired back with an ad; the ad features a BMW tire placed above a sewer grate with a Mercedes logo on it. The tagline read “If the plan doesn’t work. Change the plan but never the goal.

It’s safe to say that both Mercedes-Benz and BMW engage in healthy competition regularly. There is no doubt that these two companies have approached marketing in a very entertaining way.