Meet the Team




Mr. Rashmawi developed an early interest in the automotive field and went ahead to embrace every category within it. During College he was able to complete what is called The Map40 Diploma despite a very high failure level. It entailed all three years of the technology course and he completed it in only 40 weeks. Being heavily congested with work and school for 18 hours every day became the norm which led to seeking better time management and multi-tasking to achieve even more. He went on to obtain his Automotive and Truck Mechanic Licenses in his early twenties which made him among the youngest licensed mechanics in Canada.

Mr. Rashmawi is a perfectionist who always says, “Do it right once or don’t do it at all”. He is a self-made entrepreneur who started at the age of 14 and never stopped seeking education in so many different fields to possess a mass knowledge. His goal is to create an extraordinary buying experience like no other. He is also very proud and grateful for his amazing team and family. He has a passion for marketing where he blends spontaneity with creativity to cook the perfect recipe for success.

Mr. Rashmawi never stops taking the initiative to seek higher education and expert mentorship in a variety of fields but also best practices in web exposure, social media & google algorithm. Always prioritizing honesty, integrity and happiness he strives to achieve this harmonious balance. He truly believes God has given us two ears and one mouth for a reason, it is to listen more than we speak. Being the youngest sibling has given him a deep appreciation for never taking anything for granted and understands the value of money. It also gave him the ability to train himself to look on the better side of life instead of focusing on the problems. He also believes that seeking wisdom is very expensive yet cannot be bought. He has checked off all of his goals on his bucket list and achieved his dreams but has moved on to new and bigger ones. Every day that goes by he realizes the wisdom to balance between life and happiness.

His interests include seadooing, boating, fishing, hunting, traveling, playing drums, soccer and body building. He also enjoys shows like Suits along with the Fast and The Furious and Harry Potter franchises. He loves to take part in quarter-mile racing, driving exotics, is a car buff and involved in charity events.


Sales Manager

With 5+ years of Sales, Finance, and Management experience, Kal has always enjoyed meeting new customers and business partners. Back in 2011 he started working part-time at That Car Place while working towards a Construction Engineering Diploma at Fanshawe College. He appreciated the various aspects that working at a dealership offered, especially customer service and because of this, considered making a career change. That Car Place was his first dealership to work at and has enjoyed it so much; he believes it might be the only one he will ever work at. He loves being part of a growing company that caters to the public to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Outside of work, Kal’s passions include bodybuilding, travelling and The Simpsons.


Service Manager

Mark has worked in the auto industry for 30+ years having worked in Sales, Service, Management and was a licensed technician back in the UK. Having previously worked as a comedy promoter, Mark use to book gigs for Jeff Dunham, Tom Stade, Wes Zaharuk, Wafik Nasaralla among many other mainstream comedians. He enjoys spending time in the summer with his lovely wife and dog (Leo).


Finance Manager

Anya has 5+ years of experience working in the auto industry. She’s worked in Finance, Vehicle and Website Development Sales and is extremely knowledgeable. She loves spending time with her husband and is a proud mother to her 10 year old daughter. They enjoy snowboarding in the winter, dirt-biking in the summer and relaxing at the lake.


Marketing Manager

Dean has 5+ years working in the auto industry and has experience both in the Prairies (originally from Winnipeg and previously worked at one of the largest Chrysler store’s in Central Canada) and the East Coast. He manages That Car Place’s websites, digital marketing campaigns and overall online presence as well as our social media accounts. Graduating from Red River College within the Business Administration program, Dean majored in Marketing and is also Google Certified in the following: AdWords, Analytics, Mobile, Search, Display and Shopping Advertising. Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer, reading and spending as much time outdoors.



Sales Consultant

Robert has 21 years of experience in sales within the car industry and has a vast amount of knowledge having worked for Chrysler/GM/Nissan/Ford and Mercedes stores. With over 39 years of retail experience, Rob is a straight-shooter and one of his strengths is his ability to tell it like it is. He won’t waste your time, will cut to the chase and lay out your available options when car shopping. Rob and has been married for 21 years and is a proud dad to his three boys. You’ll feel comfortable car shopping with this seasoned professional who knows the industry inside and out. Beyond work, Rob’s interested in classic cars, gardening and house renovations.


Sales Consultant

Kyle has one year of Sales experience but does his job better than most seasoned sales reps. A true professional and kind person, Kyle’s gentle and patient approach to sales makes people comfortable the instant they come in contact with him. He owns a 700HP Camaro race car (it’s a beast) and is a proud husband and father to his beautiful new baby boy. Rest assured you are in good hands when you want to buy a vehicle from this gentleman.



Lot Attendant

Dennis has 11 years of experience working at That Car Place. He ensures our lot is in tip top shape and does a fantastic job at ensuring That Car Place looks excellent. We’re grateful to have him on our team as he’s an integral part of ensuring the lots appearance looks its best throughout the year.


Assistant Service Advisor

With 4+ years of customer service experience, Sarah plays an important part of our team. As the Assistant Service Advisor she’s the first point of contact to look after customer inquiries and handles each request with care and professionalism. For fun she enjoys cooking, painting and pressing flowers, spending time outside and loves animals.


Service Licensed Technician

Chris has 10+ years in the automotive industry and 3+ years working as a licensed technician. A hard worker and all around nice guy, he enjoys spending his free time with his family and chocolate lab (Abby). He also races cars during the summer months and likes to go out mudding.


Service Licensed Technician

Mark started working on vehicles when he was only 14 years old. An extremely hard worker, he has amassed 18+years working as a licensed technician. For fun he enjoys building, racing and sometimes crashing RC Planes as well as spending time with his family.




Whitney is an extremely hard worker who has 10+ years’ experience in the auto industry. Wearing many hats, she’s worked in Administration, Lease Retention, Website Management, Accounting and more. An avid Montreal Canadians Fan, she’ll let the staff know when her teams won a game and strongly defends them when they’ve lost. A proud mother, she loves spending as much time outdoors and at the beach in the summer with her daughter.